About Absolutely Patsy

Reinventing Life After Fifty

Absolutely Patsy is a story about life. Life with no rules, no measures, no beginning, or end, it’s about me, and it’s about you. About being brave, about caring less, and experiencing more, about finding who you are, what you stand for, and being absolutely, unashamedly that. We’re here, we’re living it, so let’s find all the ways we can to absolutely love life, and all it throws at us. Let’s dig deep, face our fears, be gutsy and bold, find passion, and do it together.

For me life begins with writing, art, fashion, and the crazy love I have for my dogs. It’s not about being who you’re supposed to be, or doing what you’ve always done, it’s about being resolute enough to know you have the power to do anything you want, at any age and under any circumstances. As women we face so many expectations, for how we should behave, and what our lives should look like, at every phase. But it doesn’t have to be that way. And sometimes it’s not up to us, life brings challenges that we could never imagine.

I wanted to find a space to show women that, to inspire, support, be empathetic and compassionate towards women everywhere who relate to my journey. When I was hurtling into my 50s my life was turned upside down in ways I never expected, but through that I discovered something amazing – the art of reinvention. Rejuvenation. Creation. Don’t expect the usual content on the latest beauty buzz, diet tips or over 50s fashion fads. Absolutely Patsy is about style, attitude, overthrowing ageism, and getting to the core of what life is all about, through the things I love, the stories I share and the people I meet. I’m the boss of reinvention.


My name is Patricia Tsouros.

I was born in London to an Irish mother and a Greek father. I have a sister a year younger than me.
I grew up traveling the world, absorbing diverse cultures from Pakistan to India, Syria to Egypt, Jordan to Lebanon, Italy to Athens, New York to Israel.


On the 19th July, 1985, at 1.05pm the most memorable event of my life happened. I gave birth to my beautiful, loving, wonderful daughter. I was in my early 20s, living the life and working in London.

Three months after she was born her dad and I broke up. I packed up lock, stock and barrel and moved to Dublin for a fresh start, where I met my husband and we married in June 1990. Although Ireland has become my home, I remain a wanderer at heart. I love my dogs, and my two shih tzus (or as I say my two little shits) Olliepop and [Princess] Betty Boop are presently the centre of my life.

Katie 5 minutes old



Olliepop and I

I always worked hard and played hard. Having lived amongst a lot of sufferings, in war-torn, unstable and poverty-stricken regions, I recognize and value the privilege of living in peaceful and safe surroundings. My life has been truly honoured.
Then Late in 2012, as I headed into my 50s my world as I knew it came crashing down around me. I can truly say that in the last seven years I was in turmoil. During those days, that flowed into weeks, and into months and years I was exhausted, distressed, anxious and feeling very, very alone, I wrote. I had written before but mostly more journalistic content. I started with poetry, writing a blog ‘Poetry on Life’s Journey’, then another blog ‘On the Edge’ and then a psychological thriller blog. My writing became my lifeline.
The essence of my healing – my validation – was to write. As the writing developed, the following grew, with extraordinary support and compassion. As a result, strength and energy flowed back into my mind and body. Through my blog ‘On The Edge,’ I saw my experiences reflected in other women who emerged from the depths of such darkness.

Seeing myself in their stories, and finding solidarity in their experiences, was the catalyst for me in moving forward, in rediscovering my energy. That’s why I want to continue to share stories – your stories – of bravery, of rediscovery, of passion and beauty, to give other people the chance to find this too.
Absolutely Patsy is a place for me to bring these things together, these passions, these life lines. To share my writing, my journey, my experiences of learning something new, my book in progress, my love and knowledge for art, my style, my fervour.
My greatest wish is to personify the courageous spirit of women and create a place of empowerment.
Let’s effuse our courage, positivity, staying power, self discovery, guts, sense of adventure, happiness, acceptance, our sexiness and selfishness. Let’s be kind to each other, support each other, champion our experiences, our stories, our struggles and our success. I believe in the power of coming together, I have felt that power.