Eventide 3 – The Moment.

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Coffee. Beautiful Sexy Girl Drinking Tea or Coffee

I noticed that Chris watched me every time I took a sip of coffee. Amused and in devilment I intermittently held the mug to my mouth taking long sips, deliberately slowly running my tongue over my lips, subtly teasing him. Raising his eyes from my lips, he captured me in his heated stare. In that room, at that moment we were in our own compass, a different zone from the others. It happened to us both at the same time, in the same space. We were witnesses together to a virulent attraction, about to ride the roller-coaster of our crusade.

Eventide originally ‘Micro Chapters’  a factual fiction thriller; a dark psychological, erotic thriller, profoundly unveiling the serrated edges of the mind. I am working with a wonderful editor Amy Scott and the book is now in development mode. I will continue to blog Eventide as ‘short stories’ to give you a flavor of what’s to come. Eventide was originally published on Storytweetblog.com.