Eventide Proem: First Moment

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From that first moment, you feel the attraction, that it blissfully aches, and your body tenses for his, you are the mercy of another human being. Then finally, his body and face are so close to yours that you can feel his heated breath fill your lungs, and all of a sudden, you are lost in abandonment. And there he lies, right inside the void, filling it completely, filling it to the point that it’s stretching it, overwhelming you with infatuation, forming an addiction. Now you are adrift in the power of the craving, living on the edge. You are walking a tightrope.  Desperate not to fall and break into a thousand pieces.

My mind contained, I disappear in the hemisphere of his passion, his control, his destruction. I perilously walk the stretch of tightrope. As I approach the other end of the rope I desperately reach for the platform. I lose my balance and smash to the ground shattering into a thousand pieces.”

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Eventide – A dark, profound psychological thriller; in the course of a year two people intertwine in two tales of passion and survival; duplicity and destruction.

 I am working with  a wonderful editor Amy Scott and the book is now in development mode. I will continue to blog Eventide as ‘short stories’ to give you a flavor of  what’s to come. Eventide was originally published on Storytweetblog.com.

Eventide is a work of fiction based on a factual story.