Eventide 5 – Crazed Passion by Patricia Tsouros

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I run faster and faster, my sides are burning, begging to rest. My hair clings to my face and neck, slick with sweat. He is getting closer. It’s dark. The only visible light is a dim green glow from the cracks and crevices in the walls.

I screeched as he grabs through the air, bringing me to a stop with his hand taking hold of my shoulder. The change in velocity causes us both to fall on our backs. He gets up and lifts me by the roots of my hair; My screeches resound all around us. I struggle to regain my footing. He takes hold of both my shoulders in an iron grip.

“You can never escape.”

His voice stripped of all care and love he once showed me. From the corner of my eye, I see a pile of rubble, if I stumbled over it, I could most certainly plummet to my death and away from this torture. I wake up screaming. A bloodcurdling, throat-wrenching scream. Gasping for air, I finally suck in as much air as I can. Deep guttural sobs rack my body.

“I am alone, and no one can save me.” My thoughts are terrorizing. My body drenched in sweat.  Chris enters the room,

“Aliki, you screamed.” his voice is urgent.

He lay down beside me his arms hugged me. Wrapped in his warmth my breaths long and shaky become calmer and match that of his. He cradles me in his arms.

“I am okay.” My body is trembling, I swallow hard, and look away from Chris.

“Why did you scream in your sleep?”

The room shrouded in darkness except for a thin veil of grey light creeping through a slim gap in the curtains belying the blustering storm outside.  I could not tell Chris, how anxious I felt about our relationship, of his power. Every time I challenged his behavior, he dismissed me, and his demeanor intensified.

I replied, “I don’t know. Maybe I had too much Chablis last night, and it played on my mind. I am okay honestly. Don’t worry about me.”

Chris kissed me, drew me closer to him. He always knew how to capture my senses. Entombed in the serenity of the room, intrinsically intoxicated by his lips, his mouth, his tongue, I kissed him back with broken abandonment. He deepened his kiss sliding his tongue between my lips, breathing life into my strangling soul. He slipped his arm around my waist pulling me on top of him. My body writhed from the touch of his hands on my thighs. He moved to caress my bottom. His mouth gently kissing my smooth neck, slowly moving tasting every part of my tanned skin to my breast. He stroked my nipples, sucked one nipple while his fingers pulled and gently twisted the other. I moaned and held his head. I gave his neck a lick and a light nibble, reaching down grasping his cock. It was hard as a rock, a total turn on.

“Take me in your mouth.” he croaked

I kissed his chest, stopping at a nipple and running my tongue over the soft piece of flesh. He sucked his breath in sharply… I continued downward, running my tongue along his skin to in his belly button around the head of his dick.  He moaned and dug his hands into my hair, thrusting his hips forward slowly coaxing his dick between my lips.  I took him deep into my mouth, swirled and pulled,  he moaned firmly pushed his hips against my mouth. I gagged as his dick knocked the back of my throat…then he pulled away. I crawled up along his contour; they pressed naked bodies together on the on the sheet, he with one hand under my head and the other stroking along my belly and teasing my clit with his fingertips.

Our tongues flicked to touch; I sucked and lightly bit his lower lip. His cock was firm in my hand. He let out a moan and pushed against my hand as I rubbed up and down his shaft. Chris moved me to sit over him. I lowered over his hard cock, holding it in my hand stroking it over my clit, grinding my hips, moaning. I whimpered as he played with my breasts, tweaking and pulling my nipples with his fingers. His hips were thrusting against me raising me up slightly and very slow and gradually lowering me onto his cock pressing my weight against it until he was inside. He groaned reached down and found my clit with the tip of his thumb. His fingers moved against me, and his tongue swirled around the tip of my breast, encompassing my nipple, my body, and mind in ecstasy. His cock was deep inside, and he thrust hard and fast, as his fingers increased the speed and pressure. I sat up straight as he manipulated my sensations. The tension built, his fingers moving more quickly on my clit as I rode up and down his shaft lost in the feeling. He looked deep into my eyes intensely watching as I cried out, and he thrust harder. He pulled me onto him, chest on chest. He thrust faster and faster…I throbbed and cried out just as he liked, and with a driving thrust he let out a loud gasp, now rooted he ceased to pump. His penis throbbed inside, and my clit squeezed as I continued to jerk and shiver with the intensity of the orgasm.
I lay against him, breast to chest, My face buried in his neck and his hands stroking my back involuntarily jerking with every touch from the powerful sensation of our intimacy.

“You’re so good in bed that’s why I can’t let you go,” he said with brazenness.

“You are fucking with my head,” I said silently looking up the ceiling.

The continuing caress of his hands up and down my back kept me at the moment, blocking any doubts that I could not go on being with Chris. His heaving penis continued to whirligig inside me, he lovingly planted little kisses all over my neck. I rolled my lips over his teeth to his earlobe giving it a tug. His arousal heightened he took control of the situation pulling out he turned me onto my stomach and entered from behind. In that position, every inch of my clit could feel every inch of his cock.

“Oh God, I am going to cum again.” I cried out.

“Good I want you to cum for me over and again, just the way I like it.” He groaned.

He penetrated slowly, caressing every inch of me as I moaned and grabbed a pillow. He reached for a nipple, pulling and twisting it. I squirmed and whimpered as he probed with his cock. Carefully he pressed into harder into me. I arched. Pushed my back against him as he pumped me. He blew hot breath on my shoulders I cried out, unable to keep it in. His thrusting was faster and harder, intense. I reached down grabbing my clit. He pumped with no respite, pushing his hardness deep against my cervix. Just as I exploded in an orgasm, he let out a loud cry, buried in me, his legs shook, his heart pounded, he collapsed against my back shuddering.

The curtains now are slightly drawn just letting in a hint of light in the room. The rain is beating against the windows, the music playing gently in the background, stretched out on the large sleigh bed wrapped in lush bedclothes I cried. I was in elated and in despair; my emotions at odds, I did not know what to do. I was unstable, disorientated scratching to hold onto my sanity. Chris was messing with my mind profoundly pushing me over the edge. Just as I would lose my footing, he would catch me just before I smashed into the ground.

I could hear him downstairs in the kitchen. I jumped at the clap of thunder and flash of lightning. It was a horrible day outside. “I can’t face another week of this shit.” I thought “ I have to confront him, I just have to.”
Wrapped in the sheet, I crawled downstairs to Chris. Before I entered the kitchen, I peeked in to see what he was doing. Wearing his dressing gown, he was making a pot of tea. Feeling apprehensive I went in and before he could say anything I blurted.

“Chris, I can’t keep going on like this.”

He looked at me attentively, as I continued,

“I have no idea what’s going on anymore. I am struggling to keep going. Look at me? I don’t eat anymore, I see no one. I have no confidence. You absorb my life. Please, Chris, I can’t cope anymore.”

I begged moving close and taking his hand our eyes locked tears streaming down my cheeks.

“It’s tough to form a plan to leave in a storm.” he starred past me at the pounding rain against the window pane.

I was startled by his response. He pulled his hand away, picked up the tray with the tea and cups.

“What are you talking about? Look how I just made you feel. We are going to be together forever. I love you bitch.” he cajoled. “Stop being such a baby and come up to bed.”

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Eventide – A dark, profound psychological thriller;  two people intertwine in two tales of passion and survival; duplicity and destruction.

I am working with a fantastic editor, and the book is now in development mode. I will continue to blog Eventide as ‘short stories’ to give you a flavor of what’s to come. Eventide was initially published on Storytweetblog.com.
Eventide is a work of fiction based on a factual story.