Short Story 7 – Eventide / 7 – Crazed Passion.

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Erotic-Art-giclee-print Ebay.
Erotic-Art-giclee-print Ebay.

Chris kissed me, drew me close to him. The heavy curtains tightly pulled; there was not even a flicker of the morning brightness following the awful rains from the night before. Entombed in the serenity of the room and eroticism of their passion, intoxicated by his lips, his mouth, his tongue, Alike kissed him back with abandonment. He deepened his kiss sliding his tongue between her lips, breathing life into her dying soul in a way that only he could. He slid his arm around her waist pulling her on top of him. Her body writhed from the touch of his hands on her thighs and caressing her perk bottom; his mouth gently kissing her smooth neck, slowly moving tasting every part of her tanned skin to her breast. He stroked her nipples, sucked one nipple while his fingers pulled and gently twisted the other nipple. She moaned and held his head. She gave his neck a lick and a light nibble, reaching down with her hand to feel his cock. It was hard as a rock, a total turn on.

“My cock wants your mouth.” he croaked

She kissed his chest, stopping at a nipple and running her tongue around the soft piece of flesh. He sucked his breath in sharply… she continued downward, putting her tongue in his belly button. She ran her tongue around the head; he moaned and dug his hands into my hair, thrusting his hips forward slowly. She firmly sucked and brought him to absolute rigid hardness…then he pulled away. She crawled up along his contour; they pressed naked bodies together on the sheets, he with one hand under her head and the other stroking her, along her belly and teasing her clit with his fingertips.

Their tongues flicked to touch; She sucked and lightly bite his lower lip. His cock was firm in her hand. He let out a moan and pushed against her hand as she rubbed up and down his shaft.

Chris encouraged Alike to sit over him. She lowered over his hard cock, holding it in her hand stroking it over her clit, grinding her hips, moaning. She whimpered as he played with her breasts, tweaking and pulling her nipples with his fingers. His hips were thrusting against her causing her to raise up slightly and very slow and gradually lower herself onto his cock pressing her weight against it until he was inside her. He groaned reached down and found her clit with the tip of his thumb. His fingers moved against her clit, and his tongue swirled on the tip of her breast, encompassing her nipple, her body and mind in ecstasy. Then his cock was deep into her, and he thrust hard and fast, as his fingers increased the speed and pressure. She sat up straight as he manipulated my sensations. The tension built, his fingers moving faster on her clit as I rode up and down his shaft lost in the feeling. He looked deep into her eyes intensely watching as she cried out, and he thrust deep into her. He pulled her into him, chest on chest. His penis hard thrust faster and faster…She throbbed and cried out just as he liked, and then he let out a loud gasp and made a deep thrust rooted in her he ceased to pump. His penis throbbed inside of her and tightened against him a little bit more as her body continued to jerk and shiver with the intensity of the orgasm.

She lay against him, breast to chest, her face buried in his neck and his hands stroking her back involuntarily jerking with every touch from the powerful sensation of their intimacy.

“You’re so good in bed that’s why I can’t let you go.” he breathed with such harshness that she knew it for an inviolate truth.

“You are fucking with my head.” She said silently looking up the ceiling.

No matter how many times she had heard this type of menacing comments, she could never get used to it. Bile rose in her throat with the anxiety of her reality.

The continuing caress of his hands up and down her back brought her back to the moment blinding her thinking in less than thirty seconds. That’s all it took for Chris to recapture her thoughts. He held her close, lovingly planting little kisses all over her neck. Chris’s had not totally shot his load he was still groaning for more, so he hoisted her over him immersing his cock in her as it grew stronger. He reached up and touched her face. “You are so beautiful,” he said.

She bent down and kissed him. His arousal heightened he took control of the situation and rolled her over on her stomach, entering from behind, with her legs together and him inside. In that position, every inch of her clit could feel every inch of his cock.

“Oh God, your to much I am going to come again.” She cried out.

“Good I want you to come for me over and again, just the way I like it.” He groaned.

He penetrated slowly, caressing every inch of her as she moaned and grabbed a pillow. He reached for a nipple, pulling and twisting it, causing her to squirm and whimper as he probed her with his cock. Carefully he pressed into her. She arched her back, pushing back against him as he pumped into her slowly inching his way in and out. He blew hot breath on her shoulders she cried out, unable to keep it in. His thrusting was faster and harder, intense. She reached down placed her fingers on her clit rubbing herself as he pumped with no respite, pushing his hardness deep against her cervix. Just as she exploded in another orgasm, he let out a loud cry, buried into her, his legs shook, his heart pounded, his face thick and red he collapsed against her back shuddering.

The curtains now are slightly drawn just letting in a hint to of light in the room. The rain beating against the windows, the music playing gently in the background, stretched out on the large sleigh bed wrapped in lush bedclothes Alike cried. She was in an elated despair; all her emotions were at odds, she did not know how to get away. Chris kept pushing her over the edge and then he would run and catch her just as she was about to smash to the ground. She could hear him downstairs in the kitchen. She jumped at the clap of thunder and flash of lightening. It was a horrible day outside.“I can’t face another day of this shit.” She thought “ I have to confront him, I just have to.”

She got up wrapping the sheet around her and crawled downstairs to Chris. Before she entered the kitchen, she peeked in to see what he was up to. Wearing his dressing gown, he was making a pot of tea.

Feeling apprehensive she went in and before he could say anything she threw out.

“Chris, I can’t keep going on like this. I have no idea what’s going on anymore. I am struggling to keep going. Look at me? I don’t eat anymore, I see no one. I have no confidence. You absorb my life. I have to leave you. Please I just have to leave you.” she begged him moving close and taking his hand in hers. Their eyes locked in each other, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“It’s tough to form a plan to leave me in a storm.”

He startled her with his response. He pulled his hand away from hers, picked up the tray with the tea and cups.

“You’re going nowhere. We are going to be together forever. I love you; you bitch. Stop being such a baby.”

She felt the bile regurgitating in her throat.

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