Writing 1 – Discover the Magic of Writing

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What – What do you want to write about? There are so many genres in writing: Romance, Fantasy, Thriller, Detective, Mystery, Adventure, Horror. Or you might want to write a memoir, or what you are going through right now, possibly as a blog. And then there is Young Adult Fiction and Children. Whatever you want to write, it’s essential that in a few hundred words, you outline your idea. That’s the first thing for you to do today. 


Why – Why do you want to write it? Similarly, write a few hundred words on why you want to write. That will help you understand what your end goal is. Do you want to have a novel at the end, or a series of short stories, start a blog, publish or for own satisfaction? 
Knowledge – What is your experience, understanding, comprehension of your subject matter? 
‘Write for yourself; rewrite for others’…this is one of the most excellent writing tips for beginners anyone could give you. Know your subject, but equally as important, know your audience better than they know themselves. Act as if you are speaking to one person and write accordingly to create an emotional tie with your readers.  
The Magic of Writing
Writing is magic, from your imagination, you can create something quite literally out of nothing. Once I started the process of writing, I began to love it. I found myself looking forward to my allocated writing time, excited to see where I was going with the characters and story. The best way to do justice to writing is to love it. Once you start enjoying the process as I did, it will come naturally to you, and you’ll look forward to writing every day. Your magic wand to writing is to simply put your fingers to the keyboard or pen to paper. Set a time, be disciplined, and reveal in your writing. Be consistent and keep the words flowing regularly. Try and notch up a few hundred words every day, so you don’t lose the thread the magic touch. 
So in the midst of all the chaos churning around and inside us, make a writing space for yourself, gather your tools, make the time, and start the magic. Completing this writing exercise will kickstart a process and motivate you to the next step.
Please email me your work, and we can share and critique our work together in a safe and positive environment. The idea is to build a community of writers and support each other during these tough times and beyond.
Email: room19sf@gmail.com, that’s my writing email. Room 19 is my short story script that was at the start of  production but had to be put on hold until we come out the other end of the pandemic. 

Stay safe, Stay Positive, Create don’t Despair