Your Eyes Into The Art World

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Who Decides the Value of Art? ‘You Do.’

Art is in my DNA. I have experience as a passionate art collector for many years, as well as from a commercial perspective with Artfetch. In that context, I provide a unique insight into the art world. As an advisor, I can focus your interest and provide access to the best quality artworks within your given budget and desired aesthetics. I can even help you find out what those are.

Artist; Daniele Buetti

Art is an intangible and subjective asset. It’s not something that has concrete value-add characteristics. That makes it difficult for collectors and art platforms to differentiate between the quality of different works. My knowledge has been cultivated over years of looking at and buying art, and understanding and manoeuvring the inner workings of the market. I am uniquely placed to navigate the complexities of an every changing contemporary art world with the digital era and open the door for you to experience it too, wether you are an art collector or art business.

CoFounder @Artfetch.com successfully acquired by @Riseart.com 2016.