Short Story 2 – Eventide/2

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Thank you for checking out On The Edge –to date over 180,000 visitors to the site, over 15,000 followers, and over 4000 shares and in excess of 12,000 Facebook Likes. Due to pending legal action Micro Chapters are now over and will be replaced with Short Stories. Thank you to each and every one of you for your interest, support and encouragement. I hope you will continue to be On The Edge with the Short Stories – based on fictional dark psychological, erotic thrillers, emphasizing the psychology of its characters and their unstable states.

Fiona Maclean - lizzie
Fiona Maclean – lizzie

Please note this post contains sexually explicit content.

The village lay under two feet of snow, with drifts at the windy corners. Icicles formed on the surface of the porch roof. The moon had set, but the night was transparent, and the windows from the buildings sent shafts of yellow light across the endless undulations. The night was perfectly still, and the air so dry and pure it gave little sensation of cold. Chris walked arm in arm with his girlfriend Sylvia at a pace towards his cottage along the deserted streets having spent the New Years evening enjoying a few drinks in their local pub. On reaching, the cottage Chris opened the door for Sylvia and went to get his Ipad, which he had forgotten earlier from his car.

He paused in the darkens of the night outside his cottage breathing in the nights air, he felt unsetteled. Suddenly memories came back with the poignancy of vanished things. Then without warning he shuddered violently; there she was, delicate, sad, evocative; Aliki was standing in front of him. In another moment, she stepped forth into the night, and his eyes, accustomed to the obscurity, could discern her as clearly as thought she stood there in daylight. She stepped so close to him there was only a thin gush of air between them. Chris’s heart jumped; he pulled back into the dark angle of the wall.

“I guess you will never let me go, Aliki?” he whispered, as though even the dead, lovers once, conspire to keep him;

She replied:

“My fear of abuse is shaded only by my terror of abandonment. You promised to protect me.”

The vision possessed him; he reached out to take her hand. Not feeling the cold of the night anymore a heat raged through his body, aroused by her emaciated vulnerability. She moved tight into his body and hugged him. He did not pull back instead he kissed her sensuously on her lips with his tongue brushing her lips. She pressed her body against his and put her tongue deep in his mouth. His hands grabbed her waist his intention to push her away. “This is crazy, I thought she was gone.” his mind scrambled.  Instead, he cradled her tightly and kissed her passionately. They stood in silence in the freezing snow kissing and fondling each other. He finally pulled away.

“I don’t understand what’s going on?”

She responded by pulling down the top of her dress exposing just the tip of her nipples. She squeezed her nipples, rubbing her breasts, licking his lips. She could feel his hard on grown under his heavy jeans. He shifted her and lead her to his car. His mobile was ringing. He put his hand to her mouth to stay quiet and quickly answered.

“Sylvia sorry I met Paddy and we are just having a night cap. I will be back in 20 minutes.

Sylvia complained to Chris.

“Yes sorry, I should have called you. See you soon. Love you.”

He unlocked the car a large SUV and helped her into the back seat; he ran around to the other side of the SUV and jumped in. He leant over the seat and placed the key in the ignition turned the engine on so as to heat up the car. With one quick motion he unzipped the back of her dress, and it fell to the floor. It was only then he noticed that was all she was wearing.
“Where is your coat, or tights or shoes?” he gasped
She ignored him. Her body was hot. She was wearing white lace panties and white lace transparent bra. Her nipples were erect; Chris grabbed them squeezing them with the tip of his fingers through the bra. Then he stopped,

“Take off your knickers and masturbate, while I undress.” he directed.

He urgently unzipped his snow jacket, struggled out of it and placed it on the front seat of the SUV. He then took off his jumper doing the same with that and untucked his shirt from his jeans. His gaze now purely focused on her finger rubbing her clit, concentrated on her moaning as she arched her butt into her fingers rubbing her clit harder and harder. Chris unzipped his jeans pulled them down to his feet and then caught Aliki’s hands guiding them to his cock. She caressed his cock and stroked him through his underpants. She pulled his underpants down and placed  his cock in her mouth, licking and sucking him. She moved down onto the car floor, and he spread his legs moaning as she sucked him and rolled her tongue around his shaft. His cock grew bigger and harder hitting the back of Aliki’s throat. The more difficult it was for her, the more she gagged and struggled Chris’s moans intensified. He then pulled his cock away pulled her up and pushed her back onto the seat her head against the window. He got on his knees flung her legs over his shoulders and entered her with one thrust and in just a few strokes he was ready to come. He released his load into her with a loud groan. She responded by arching her back, shuddering and pushing her clit against him hard as she screamed with pleasure.

They lay there for a few minutes, the only sound their heavy breathing and sound of the running engine. Then he pulled out of her slowly, kissing her gently on the check. He pulled himself up picked up her dress and pulled it on over her head. She still had her bra on; he then took her knickers slipping  each foot into the pants and pulling them up. She lay against the seat, looking frail and tired. He pulled up his underpants and jeans, tucked his shirt in. He got out of the SUV his boots crunching into the icy snow. He walked around opened the door for Aliki, took her hand and helped her out of the car.

“Did you come from your grave?” his mind and soul tortured by her appearance.  He was sure he had vanished her from his life. She stood there bleeding with an acute pain in her gut, eyes lost in desolation.

He turned causally leant into the car, turned off the ignition locked the door and in the process trying to make sense of this delusion. He turned back to her;

He reached out and placed his fingers on the drops of blood oozing from her vein on her fragile wrist and looked down at the scarlet stained snow. Tears were streaming down his cheeks.

“I am sorry, I love you so much.” He beseeched her, locking her into his gaze.

“I am bleeding again. I am tired, weak, I must to go back to your bed.” she said arduously. Her eyes glistened with silvery tears, her body trembling.

With that Aliki faded into the depth of the night.


He entered the cottage with a vague dread hanging over his head; Sylvia was sitting at the fireplace sipping a hot whiskey. Chris looked at her intently, “Sylvia’s playing with my mind?”he thought. His mind was searching for evidence of something tangible. It was warm and cozy in the living room. The flames from the fire danced many colors of red, orange and pink hues on the pane of the front window. The peacefulness and sweetness of the scene eased his fear of ‘trouble’ with Aliki that sent up his spirits with a rush. He poured a whiskey sat down beside Sylvia silently joining her in watching a movie.

With a seismic jerk, he was wide awake and then in an instant sitting bolt upright in his bed his heart pounding against his chest. Never before had Chris experienced a dream of such intensity in which he had been transported into a parallel universe to witness his sub-conscious terror unfolding before being jerked back to earth. Sylvia sat up put her hands on his shoulders

“What’s wrong darling?”

She asked soothing his panic.

“You are safe, I am here with you. I will look after you.”

He drew into thought, overcome with an ominous neurosis.

He pushed her arms off his shoulders, jerked himself away from her,  jumped out of the bed, made his way downstairs away from danger.

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