Short Story 4 – Eventide/ 4 – Vital Force

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Matt Gee; Stone Roses. @Artfetch.com
Matt Gee; Stone Roses. @Artfetch.com

This Post contains sexually explicit content.

Why did Chris love clutter? Aliki was frustrated attempting to prepare a surprise dinner. He was paranoid about strangers calling to the house; he disallowed it. It was a horrible day out so Aliki decided she would ignore his obsession and plan a romantic evening. While Chris was in the shower she took that opportunity to order in dinner. She asked that the delivery be texted to her and not ring the door bell for her to accept it.  Hopefully, Chris would not be aware or realize or think about how the dinner arrived.

They spent a wonderful afternoon together walking the length of Bettystown beach and talked and talked, huddled together invigorated against the lashing rain and howling winds. They finished their walk at a small café on the beach, which served according to Chris the best Toblerone cheesecake ever, his favorite dessert. They took off and hung up their ringing wet coats from pegs in the little front porch to dry them off. Then they dived into the warm ambience of the small cosy dinning room. It was crowded and rather chaotic, but a lovely lady found them a nice quiet table looking out onto the beach.

They said very little immersed in the atmosphere of the storm outside and the heat and comfort of the café. Alike looked into “Chris’s beautiful eyes.” as she thought.  She was captured by the emotion in the glaze of his pupils.

“So why did you call me? Why did you want me to come for a drive?” she asked squeezing his chin. She spoke quietly leaning into him so that no one could overhear.

“Aliki we are two souls in one. I missed you the last of couple of days. I want you in my life.”

His breathing got harder, sharper, and there was a look of pain across his face in his eyes. She was overwhelmed by it all and like a junkie only Chris could alleviate her anxiety, her emptiness. He was her secret addiction. His eyes concentrated on her; he was absorbing her essence; he took her face in his hands and kissed her, his breath panicked. Then he whispered.

“I need you Aliki; you protect me, you look after me. We can’t ever not be together.”

Chris shut the kitchen door behind him then faced Aliki wearing only his bathrobe with his hands behind his back. He watched her in silence his penetrating gaze unsettling her. He took a step and then another; she matched his moves until her back was up against the back wall. He placed a hand on each side of her head, pinning her head between his arms. She stood with her arms by her side in stillness locked in his space. His finger trailed down the front of her neck and chest; she shivered as he twisted her body into his closing his eyes. The air was hot; the tension gripped every nerve, muscle and beat of her heart. Like suction, he drew her breath in grabbing her lips between his teeth. He bit strenuously against the tender flesh till her lip split and started bleeding. The grip of his teeth and touch of his lips brought a sensation of heat to her skin. It flowed down from the back of her head across her shoulders into her chest, hitting her straight in the stomach, and coiling downward. She let out a cry as his blood stained tongue slipped deep inside her mouth his sultriness emitting. She moaned, gyrating her hips hard against his as she let him have a taste. She smelt the faint scent of cologne.

Release Me: by Lolarahman
Release Me: by Lolarahman

The taste of him was familiar and comforting, yet full of danger, want, and need. A fire ripped through her body as erotic hunger possessed her. Her head raced a million miles a minute with thoughts of getting closer to him yet alarmed by what was happening. He towered over her, his cock nudging her belly. Oh God. Fear and desire pulsated through her.

Her mind was racing: what the hell was happening? She needed to run to escape… God, but all she wanted was to stay. He was now her vital force with or without him she was losing her battle to breathe

His hands wandered down her body, across her breast, to the bottom of her dress. As his fingers grazed her bare thigh, he sucked on her tongue and pulled her closer. Gripping her legs, he scooped her up and urged them around his waist. The feeling of him pressed up against her touched ever nerve of desire for him.

He groaned against her mouth, his lips against her blood smudged lips; his hands roamed upward beneath her dress and cupped her ass. Her legs constricted in response and tightened around his hips. His tongue explored her mouth, entangling with her tongue, tasting her with hunger.

“Aliki,” he moaned as his lips kissed a path down her jaw line, to her neck along her shoulder blades resting his mouth on her breast.

“Chris what’s going on?” she panted her fingers tangled in his soft grey receding hairline.

“Who did you open the door to?” his voice was cold, distant.

“Your dinner. I ordered dinner. Please let me show you.”

She clutched onto his arms, digging her nails into his skin, constraining her body against his. Suddenly her head struck the stone wall hard causing her senses to jar for a moment. Chris pushed even harder again into the wall his body dominating hers.

“While I was in the shower, I had this premonition that you would come up into the bathroom, and stab me in the back. So I stopped showering.”

His voice was dark; there was no lightness in this comment.

crazy bitch knife 5

She grasped his words, like the actions before them, completely unexpected, leaving her dazed. He held her tightly, his strength unflagging despite the trembling of his muscles. Was nothing beyond his capabilities?

“Let me go, I will show you the dinner. Look behind you on the counter.”

“Do not tease me,” he warned, deadly quiet. “Tempt me, touch me once, and I will unleash all my unfulfilled desire on you. Consider that I learned a hundred different ways to fuck you. So be careful.”

“I would never hurt you darling” she whispered, her voice ragged and shook. “Please, let me go and show you the dinner.”

“You are my crazy bitch. I need to protect myself from you.”

The cruelty of his words hurt for just a moment; immediately distracted by as his fingers moving between her legs she forgot about everything. His touch sparked fierceness in her, a longing for him to fuck her. Her chest heaved as she shut her eyes digging her fingernails into his shoulder blades as more intense emotions emerged. She slid her hands behind his bathrobe, feeling the lines of his muscles and the smoothness of his skin.

He smiled against her lips slipped his tongue back inside her mouth, but it felt different. His lips… his kiss… the gentleness gone. His hands gripped her waist, his nails scratching into her skin as he drew her closer, crushing her body against his. He muffled her name, threading his fingers through her hair he tugged the roots until here head tipped back, with piercing pain. Then his mouth moved to her neck biting little nips on her skin, sending stinging shivers of elation through her body.

His fingers like little soldiers marching along her body squeezing, pounding her skin, driving his nails into his final destination her nipples. She let out a cry, and then numbness consumed me. And the cold! Suddenly Chris flipped her around, caught her arms behind her back and with one hard shove he pushed her out of the kitchen into the hall. She lost her balance, tumbled against the stairwell and plummeted to the ground.

She was on the floor; her body aching from the thud of the fall, her eyes dazed.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

She screamed both in pain and shock.

“You are a crazy bitch.” He growled then slammed the kitchen door shut.

Aliki dragged herself off the floor and stumbled her way into the living room at the front of the house. The curtains pulled, as always so the room was dark; She sat wearily on the couch fighting back the tears in the gloom of her silhouette. Her eyes blurred; her hands trembled, and her body shaking like a branch in the wind. She was frazzled, torn, ripped and threatened.

In the silence of the darkness, she could hear Chris pounding around the kitchen. She sat very still trying to listen, to work out what he was doing. Not being able to figure it out she got up, her heart beating erratically and her breathing shallow she sneaked over to the kitchen door.
Carefully she opened the door, just enough of a chink to let her peek at what he was up to. The rain was pounding against the small windows, which framed the garden; the wind howled against the wooden frames. With bated breath she watched Chris frantically searching the drawers, collecting knives and then piling them in the corner of the worktop. Engrossed in what he was doing he did not notice as she slowly inched the door open. When Chris exhausted the drawer search, he unlatched the side door that lead to the garden. Using both his hands as he always did he jabbed the stiff door open. The wind blustered into the kitchen sending a cold shudder thought her body. Chris then collected the knives placed them in the a plastic basin sitting on the counter and went out into the thundering night.

She slinked into the kitchen over to the window to try and see what he was doing, but he was in the garage out of sight. Her mind was screaming to run, to go, to leave Chris; this was her chance. He just accused her of trying to kill him. But her heart, her soul would not let her. Chris was like an undertow ripping through her life drawing her in deeper and deeper. Suddenly, her legs buckled from under her and she fell against the worktop. She steadied herself picked up a glass turned on the water let it run for a second and filled the glass. She sipped the water slowly feeling the strength return to her legs. A few minutes later Chris came back into the kitchen disheveled and damp his bathrobe now hanging loose exposing his lean stomach; his firm tights that his now limp cock.

“Wow, I love his tights!” went through her mind. “Even in the middle of this batshit madness Chris turns me on.”

He did not seem disturbed or startled that she was standing there waiting for him.

“What did you do with the knives?”

She asked quietly hesitantly.

“I hid them from you. So now I know I am safe. Well, relatively safe.”

Chris answered surprisingly nonchalantly.

“I think I am the one threatened by your paranoia here Chris not you. You are not the prisoner, I am.” She replied defiantly

Chris said nothing he tried to push past her but she blocked him with her frail body and looked him in the eye.

“Go on Chris push me again?”

“I didn’t push you.”

He said without a flinch.

“Can you please stop this shit? What is going on Chris? What?”

“You are very sexy when you are kooky.”

“I am not Kooky Chris,” Aliki raised her voice desperately ” What the fuck has happened we had a wonderful day. You told me you trust me; I protect you. Where did this come from? You have to do something about your paranoia.”

Chris smiled as he placed his hands on her shoulders and firmly moved her out of his way. He passed by, catching her hand pulling her with him. He swung her in front of him and with his hands determinedly pressed against her back he guided her upstairs. Her heart pounded shuttering her ribcage, the apprehension overpowering her body; she crawled up the stairs.

Alliki slowly squinted her eyes open lying stretched out on her back in a tangled mess of bed cloths; Chris on his stomach his arm and limb wrapped around her like a vine pinning her to the bed asleep. She looked around the familiarity of the room resting her eyes on the ceiling. What the fuck happened? Her chest tightened at the recall of their crazy passion.

Recalling the events of the last few hours the panic hit, the cruel inevitability of waking up blissfully to an unsettling reality. She surged up, gulping air into her constricted chest and untangled herself from Chris. She leant onto her elbow pulling herself up and sinking back against the headboard. She took a deep breath to relax, to savor him sleep. His face transformed when he was unguarded, reminding her of how beautiful he could be. That was easy to forget when he was awake, radiating that the alien force. That same ambient force was now encompassing her life held her as a prisoner. With reverent fingers, she brushed the inky strands of hair noting new lines around his eyes and mouth. She also noted that he’d grown leaner probably the separation had taken its toll on him, but he’d hidden it so well until now. She hadn’t been able to hide her devastation at all. She believed they were over, and it showed to everyone who’d looked at her strained face, dark eyes and frail frame. He called his lack of emotion plausible deniability. She called it torture.

Sedition Art.
Sedition Art.

With no defenses against him, she staggered into the bedroom as the pressure against her back intensified. He yanked her dress over her head tossing it aside, pushed her underpants to the floor, and she stood there naked in front of him just wearing her stilettos. He stood there his blue eyes deep in visual contemplation; his cheeks flushed and his sculpted lips parted. He never tried to hide the effect she had on him, never pretended that he had any more control over his reverberation then she had in their desire for each other. It made his dominance in the bedroom all the more exciting to Aliki, knowing that he was similarly as helpless to the attraction between them.

At that moment in all her vulnerability, she quietly asked Chris

“What’s happening Chris? Why are you acting so weird?”

Menacingly Chris came right up to her, his hands caught her throat blazing a hot trail thought veins. He rubbed his lips on her ear then in an evocative hushed tone he said,

“I need to make you feel that breathless rush again, do you feel it?”

His allure powerful, taking her over, she muttered

“Yes I feel it.”

“I need that to be true.”

He whispered tightening his grip on her neck. She gasped, grabbing his hands; She tried to yank his strangle hold. She could feel his hunger, his frenzy to fuck her.

“I want you Chris; I want you inside me.” She begged him

“You’re not afraid? You don’t want to run?” He replied

At that moment she felt a ferocious swell of emotion; the love and need, the anger, fear and pain he distilled on her. She still felt it keenly; She suffered when he played with her emotions. Just a few days earlier she left him. She sent a text to Chris asking him to leave her alone to let her end it. At first he laid siege continuously phoning and texting. She ignored him. Then he stopped, and a few days later he caught her on the hop with a text

“I miss you. I want to see you. Please come over lets go for a drive and talk.” xx

Every part of her being missed him. Her heart screamed out to be with him again, her gut to stay away. She walked a path with Chris on which she never knew when she would hit a land-mine and have a day or evening explode in front of her. Chris had become unpredictable and evasive. She did not want to go back to that. Boom! Here she was on Sunday night lying in bed with Chris, even more hooked than previously, more intently in love with him.

“No Chris I am not afraid, the only thing I am afraid of is never feeling you inside me again.”

He released the grip and moved down her shoulders, along her arms then he gripped her hips; his breathing quick and harsh and with one swift move he picked her and threw on the bed face up. Her thighs hit the mattress, and she landed on her ass, falling back. He then pulled off each red stiletto shoe throwing them over his shoulder hitting the floor with a thud. His bathrobe open he hitched her up with his arm centering her on the bed and then perched atop her.
He could hear her breath, and closed his eyes. Anger tightened his stomach, and Chris ran his hands down Aliki’s arms.

He assaulted her mouth, desperate to reclaim her power. To be the way it should be. He shifted his lips harshly along her neck and collarbone, kissing and nicking every inch of her hot skin.
Her taste was familiar. He let his hands master her body as it writhed beneath him, begging him for more and more.
He took one nipple then the other between in his lips the suction fast and greedy.

“I’ve missed you.” He groaned.

She hooked my legs around his calves and shoved her hands inside his open bathrobe gripping his taut, hard ass. She tugged him into her, arching her hips to feel his cock, agonizingly wanting him inside her.

“Say it,” She coaxed, needing the words he swore were inadequate.
He pushed up and looked down at her, gently brushing her hair back from my forehead. He swallowed hard.
Raising, she caught his seductive lips in a kiss murmuring,

“I’ll say it first: I love you.”

He closed his eyes and quivered. Wrapping his arms around her, he squeezed her so tight she almost couldn’t breathe.
“I hope you won’t miss her too much”… Chris tried to ignore the voice that echoed in his head. He tried to pretend that his need for her wasn’t killing him. He concentrated on her moans against his ear. His dressing gown now gone his groin was blazing beneath her active hand, and he wished for it all to just go away. He tucked his face tightly into the crook of her neck and whispered

“I love you, too much.”

His fervent declaration reverberated through her. She buried her face in his shoulder and cried. Lifting her head, she took his mouth; their kiss tasting the saltiness of her tears. Her lips moved desperately over his, as if he’d disappear at any moment.
His fist clenched her hair, caressed her lips with his tongue and whispered

“Be my good girl. Let me love you. Please.”

Her fingers linked his neck capturing him in her grip. His erection lay hot and heavy against her the weight of him the perfect pressure on my throbbing clit.

“That’s all I want Chris is for you to love me.”

She craved.

He slipped away from her, his mouth whispering temptation across her stomach. Missed you so much … need you … have to have you… I love you … She felt a hot wetness slide over her skin and looked down to see that he too was crying, his gorgeous face ravaged by the same profusion of emotion flooding her. With shaking fingers, she touched his cheek, trying to smooth away the tears stains that only returned the instant she wiped them. He nuzzled into her touch with a soft, plaintive moan, his pain harder for me to deal with than her own.

“I love you,” She declared passionately.

He slid back onto his knees he caught her by the nape and waist, and slid her down under him until she was flat on the bed. Pinning her tightly, he held immobile, immediately thrusting into her … over and over … shafting her clit with fast, powerful lunges. The friction of his thick penis rubbing and surging was too much. She jolted violently and came over and over, her fingers clawing into his sides. Her cries filled the dusky room as he moved with purpose against her, burying himself as deeply as he could. His mind screamed at him, telling him that this was wrong. The frail, lithe body beneath him wasn’t right. It wasn’t the memory he wanted. His blood boiled when he remembered her perfect fit, and the way she sheathed him, believed in him, letting him touch her so intimately. She was now a holocaust. She was hell. He squeezed his eyes tightly and pushed harder and faster. Aliki shook beneath him, screaming his name and pulling him deeper inside.

Haunted by her, his desire and rage were both so deeply consuming that he didn’t know where one ended and the other began. With one final thrust, Chris buried himself against her and let his body go with one big shudder, his arms tightening around her crushing her ribcage. His harsh exhalations like air filled her searing lungs. She was utterly possessed, completely defenseless. Her cries of ecstasy echoed around the darkened room. Freeing himself from his traitorous thoughts, he rolled onto his back, panting for air staring at the ceiling. He listened to the breath in the air, his and hers. She snuggled closer, kissing his chest and hugging him, and he put a hand on her head, touching the softness of her hair. But he didn’t look at her. How could he?

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