Welcome to Absolutely Patsy

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Hi Everyone, Welcome to Absolutely Patsy, my new blog, a story about life. 

I am so excited with the new look, amalgamating Eventide Love, Psychological Thriller, and my other writings  in one spot. I will continue to post on everything you have come to follow, writing, art, life style, and bring a new dimension to my blog posts.

This is a space to inspire, support, be empathetic and compassionate towards women everywhere who relate to my journey. When I was hurtling into my 50s my life was turned upside down in ways I never expected, but through that I discovered something amazing – the art of reinvention. Rejuvenation. Creation. I won’t be writing about the latest beauty buzz, diet tips or over 50s fashion fads, of which there is an abundance of blog content. Instead, Absolutely Patsy is about style, attitude, overthrowing ageism, and getting to the core of what life is all about, through the things I love, the stories I share and the people I meet. I’m the boss of reinvention, and I want you to be in control of your life’s journey. Follow, stay tuned and discover how to open doors to new adventures, new experiences and anticipation.

Lots of Love


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