Be Specific and Reinvent Life

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Trying something new will keep you sizzling; remember those days when life was exciting. Just because we get older does not mean we should stay in what eventually becomes a rut. We can always find new experiences that make us feel alive again. In the last few years, I was forced to pivot my life due to devastating circumstances, and it changed my life. I found meaning and motivation and discovered that my life goals differed from what I thought I needed or wanted. I am starting to feel alive again.

Even though I could not see it at the time, the devastation was nutrition for rejuvenation and discovery, which lead me to determine how I want to live with a new zest for life. I lived a privileged life; on the edge of happiness and loneliness, I went with the flow, which overpowered my heart, overwhelmed my aspirations, and I lost my way. In my life transformation, I have learned to be specific about what I want and who I want in my life: it has been the most life-defining insight into living a better life. At the start of each year I conceptualize my life unfolding, my objectives, and my goals. I plan out concrete steps on how I aim to achieve what I want in the year. If you do this, it will help you envision your goals in every area of your life and provide meaning to what it will take to reach your goals.

“I literally speak and write my dream, igniting a fire in my belly, giving purpose and hope to my days, which I had lost. I am no longer stuck in a crippling mindset.”

If there is one piece of advice I will give anyone struggling to move on in life, to anyone feeling like they are sinking into the weight of quicksand, it’s; GET SPECIFIC for all of your plans. GET SPECIFIC about all the things you want and, just as important, all that you don’t want — no matter where you are in the course of life. Write it down in a beautiful planner. It will help you transform adversity and dark shadows into sensual and creative energy. You will feel alive again. It is working for me; with time, it will work for you. If I can do it, so can you.


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