Find your Magic – Reinventing your life

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Here’s the thing. Life is tricky. It is full of knock-backs. The key is to believe in yourself, to have resilience, and to be tenacious. When life feels a little unstable, a little off, check-in with yourself. Our lives can often get tricky when we’re not listening to our inner voice, living our passions, respecting our intuition. As I moved from one place in my life to another, I listened to my thoughts, followed my passions, went with my gut, and I found that magic in my life. You can also find your magical self and life. Identify that one thing that ignites your passion and go for it and surprise yourself. Staying in your magic means loving who you are and staying true to that person, no matter what’s expected or considered beautiful, smart or successful by others around you or in society as a whole. No matter how topsy turvy and weird your life is, just go with it. Shine your light in this crazy world. It needs your magic!

With my babes - Betsy and Olliepop

I know, that there are times when you question what the hell you’re doing or what is going on in your life. It might be because you feel like you’re in an industry where people won’t accept you. After all, your body isn’t up to society’s standards. It might be a friendship gone wrong that has caused you to feel awful about the situation. It might be a toxic relationship where your worth was put into question. It might be your work life is at a crossroads. It might be you experienced profound loss and sadness. Life is a journey. My psychiatrist once told me that people will be drawn to a roaring flame from a fire, and they will move away from the ashes of the fire. “I want you to be the flame.” he encouraged me; “trust yourself to be that flame again,” he told me. It stuck with me, and I spent the last five years striving to be that flame once again, and I feel myself growing hotter and hotter.

Sometimes it might feel like everyone is waiting to see you break down from the fall. And the chances are that you will breakdown, but the important thing is that you always keep going with positivity and charm. If you fall, get back up and try again. You are your only limit; everyone else is just background noise. It’s crucial to have a group of friends, or professionals or family or all three that you trust, supporting you with empathy and care. Chase your own happiness, and don’t depend on anyone else to bring it to you.

Similarly, you may come across people who will single you out and try to make you feel vulnerable for whatever reason. Some may even have the ability to tear you down, and when you try to get up, they drain you of your energy and pull you down even further. Distance yourself from these people; they are not for you. It is essential to be surrounded by good, supportive people in life who want the best for you, just as much as you want the best for them.

Believe in your worth; you are just as deserving of this life as the next person. So live your best experience possible. As you move away from your negative feelings, your rejuvenated feelings will make it easier to stay in your magic moment. There will be difficult days, sad moments, anxious times, but your resilience will drive you on. Keep going in the way you want; don’t give up on being you!

Basic Tips I have learnt to help me find the magic in my life;

Routine – Find something you love doing every day; in my case it’s walking my two dogs, whom I walk and care for every day.

Meditate – a little each day if you are of that disposition; I am not great at meditation so I read up on wellness – right now I am reading ‘The subtle Art of Not giving a Fuck, by Mark Manson – highly recommend it.

Write, Write, Write – writing was my most significant cathartic recovery tool. I have lots of tips on writing in this blog under Writing in the Menu.

Notice your feelings – If you are feeling the anger, or sadness or whatever is the trigger in your feelings, do something that makes you feel better, ask yourself what you can do to move away from the negativity in your head at that moment.

Lose the Fear – don’t be afraid to try new things, to meet new people, to start a new future for yourself.

Social – surround yourself with people who make you feel happy, who are fun, honest and nonjudgmental.

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