Bring It Home

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Pictured the Leopard Norma and Green Bianca.

I love a bag with many sides to it, a bag that has no time doesn’t go out of style. I think as women, we underestimate the workhorse a beautiful bag can be. A handbag, I believe, should tie into the realm of your life and should equally be comfortable. I am obsessed with lightweight bags designed to be ergonomic, making carrying them more manageable. But it can also just be something that makes you smile; it’s just a really beautiful thing that enhances your life. Hence my Absolutely Patsy bag collection. With a changing landscape and a bag lover, I wanted something beautiful, well-made. Bags you can integrate into your days, working, playing and travelling, which can make or break an outfit and turn your loungewear into streetwear instantly. It’s about throwing your whole life into a beautiful bag and digging deep for everything we want to have close to us; it’s about being spirited, gusty, active, and passionate. It’s about finding bags you LOVE.

And here it is;


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