You can take back control of your life – here is how I did it.

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It was not until I stopped fearing the unknown and instead went with it that I slowly started to regain control of my life. I began to rediscover what made me tick, something that I had lost. I began to take care of myself and those who mattered to me most. I felt the power of my strength and enthusiasm emerge into a pattern of peace, enjoyment, and fulfillment. I started to feel alive again.

You are the protagonist in your story. Never surrender yourself to conformity; never fear the unknown; grab your life by the balls and be yourself. Make the radical change and begin to boldly do things that you may previously never have thought of doing or been too hesitant to attempt. ⠀

My life security ripped away from me. I had no choice but to take on the challenge of a helter-skelter lifestyle. Eventually, through the haze of the chaos, I started to see that the security, conformity, and conservation, which I believed had given me a good life, peace of mind, in reality, was more damaging to my personality, to my soul adventurous spirit that lay within me.

When you hit what you think is a breaking point, don’t resist it, but embrace it. Walk right into it. Often these moments are occurring to illuminate what you’re missing in your life and what you deeply long for. If you embrace rather than fighting the opportunities these challenging moments bring you, suddenly, a new path becomes more apparent and more possible than ever before. If you let it, a breakdown can indeed pave the way for a breakthrough. I found my breakthrough, so can you. I am not saying it’s always easy but then who said easy was the ultimate place to live.

Six powerful tips to take back control of our life.

  1. Be disciplined about your’ me’ time.
  2. Don’t be afraid to flout convention.
  3. Treat yourself as well as someone you would that you care about.
  4. Learn how to say ‘no.’
  5. Don’t fear the unknown, a new life.
  6. Embrace what your life brings you and use it to move to a better place.

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