Psychological Thriller – blog to book

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He is my dream lover, my dream love,  my toxic addiction. His tantalizing words lead me to the edge of sanity. He plays with my senses, with my mind. He is a genius crazy maker, driving me to the darkest corner of my mind. As the crazy-making, intensifies, I react with despair, rage, and panic to his seemingly benign happenings or comments appearing the crazy one. He makes my reactive behavior the focus telling me, his friends and professionals (*gardai, doctor, psychotherapist) how crazy I am. But the truth is he wears ‘the mask of sanity’ which enables him to fool others and indulge his twisted crazy-making off me.

The first rough draft blog to book is completed. But the work continues. Take a peek.
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Eventide originally posted as Micro Chapters – A dark, profound psychological thriller; in the course of a year two people intertwine in two tales of passion and survival; duplicity and destruction.

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(*police, cops)